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Whether residential, commercial or industrial, Vogel ensures your electrical solution is delivered promptly to your home or business. With safety and community as the forefront of our business, only local, accredited and monitored trade professionals provide you with the solution to your electrical requirements, guaranteeing safe and superior workmanship.

  • Switchboards and rewires
  • Home electrical renovations and installations
  • Outdoor lighting systems
  • Pool pump and lighting installations
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Equipment circuits
  • Latest innovative electrical solutions to save you money
  • Motor control systems
  • Lighting solutions
  • Data and telephone wiring
  • Fans, power points, surge protection
  • Solar PV installations and maintenance
  • Energy efficiency audits and solutions
  • Commercial projects

Vogel Solar and Electrical hold Electrical Contracts Licenses in both Queensland (no: 74392) and New South Wales (no: 258073C)

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Why Vogel?
At Vogel we place high importance on our customer relationships, so naturally we are invested in delivering the best service every time. We would like you to know that:

  • We believe our workmanship is second to none – we treat your home as if it’s our own.

  • We value our community – as a family business, at our core is the desire to make a real, lasting impact on our community for the generations to follow.

  • We believe in tailored solutions – all our solar and electrical installations are selected based on their suitability to fulfill your needs.

  • We value clear communication – we will ensure that you are kept up to date as work progresses and we always welcome feedback from our customers.

Vogel Solar & Electrical is accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, Master Electricians and TITAB.

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How can I save money on my power bill?
The smallest changes can have a big impact on your power bill. Here are some tips:
  • Water: Contact us to look into connecting your hot water system to an off-peak tariff. If you have solar already, we can ensure that your hot water system operates on a timer that ensures the least amount of grid power usage.
  • Lighting: Use LED bulbs and provide task lighting over desks, tool benches, etc., so that activities can be carried on without illuminating entire rooms.
  • Computers: A screensaver that shows any image on the screen doesn’t save any energy at all. Make sure you put your computer to sleep or just turn it off if you are not going to be using it for a while.
  • Heating: Close heating vents and radiator valves in unused rooms. Make sure that drapes, plants, or furniture do not block registers for supply or return air.
How often do I need to get my appliances serviced?
All appliances should be serviced inline with the manufacturing guidelines of that particular product. All systems will be varied.
What is a safety switch?
Safety switches are designed to save lives. They detect the loss of current from a circuit that indicates a person is receiving an electric shock, cutting power in as little as 30 milliseconds.
Why does my circuit always trip? Can I prevent this?
If you only have limited outlets in your home, unplug what you aren't using. It is important to spread out your electric heaters and hair dryer, and other appliances that are large power users such as a washing machine and dryer to different outlets. Don't dry your hair in the same circuit you have your heater plugged into. This will prevent the circuit tripping.

A tripped circuit can also result from a faulty appliance. To investigate which appliance may be causing the tripped circuit, unplug each appliance, and then plug each appliance in until the circuit trips again.
My lights flicker continuously, is this dangerous?
It may be the indication of an electrical fault, a loose connecting in the fitting or light switch. Loose connections can overheat and cause a fire and therefore you should get them checked.
Does it save energy by turning off my power points at the switch?
Most appliances have a built in standby mode when they are not operating. These appliances use low levels of power that are needlessly hurting the environment and costing you more than you expect each month. By turning off appliances such as your air-conditioner, TV, Desktop computer, washing machine, fax, printer and scanner, you could save costs as these all use energy when on standby mode.

Vogel can install a master switch in your home in a convenient location that switches off all non-essential items, but leaves all your essential appliances, such as the fridge, still operating. This handy switch has the potential to help you save a lot of power just by flicking a switch on your way out of the house.
Will I hurt myself if I touch a power point or appliance with wet hands?
Water damaged power points and appliances are a common cause of electrical incidents due to the fact that water conducts electricity. To avoid injury, you should never touch a power point or electrical appliance with wet hands. It is best to ensure all appliances are not positioned where they could come into contact with water (especially in the bathroom). Also, don’t wipe power points with wet cloths or cleaning sprays.
What is a surge diverter and why do I need one?
When a surge occurs it peaks at above the maximum supply voltage, like in the event of a lightning strike for instance. This can damage household appliances that are designed to operate at a certain AC supply voltage. So a surge diverter actually diverts excess voltages to the ground to protect appliances.
What appliance will contribute the most to my power bill?
The expense of an appliance can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Typically, large plasma screen televisions, top loader washing machines, air-conditioners, electrical heaters and dishwashers are the most expensive to run.

Interestingly, leaving a TV, DVD, stereo and iPod docking station all on standby in the entertainment unit, all day everyday, can add up to about $87 worth of energy usage per year. We suggest completely turning off appliances if you want to cut back on your energy consumption and return that $87 back to your pocket.

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