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Solar power technology utilises solar PV (Photovoltaic) cells, or solar thermal panels, to effectively convert sunlight into renewable energy that can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Solar powered electricity for the home
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar hot water system
  • Solar air conditioning system

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Why Solar?
Why not? Solar Energy is one of the most accessible renewable energy sources available.

At Vogel we believe in creating a sustainable future and contributing positively to the environment, and our surrounding community. Many people ask why they should switch to solar, and here is why:

It's free. Solar energy systems capture free sunlight and convert it to useable power in your home.

It’s clean. It has almost no impact on the global climate - no hazardous emissions are produced.

It’s infinitely renewable. Wherever sunlight shines, electricity can be generated.

It will reduce your costs. Using a solar energy system means you use less electricity from your utility company. The more sunlight harnessed by the system, the less electricity you need from your supplier.

It adds value to your home. It reduces your carbon footprint whilst reducing your energy bills.

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Tell us about your energy use.
To help us work out how much you could save by installing a Vogel solar energy solution, please answer the questions below. Please fill out your details as accurately as possible, then click ‘SUBMIT’ to calculate your potential saving.

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How much will you save?
Thank you for sharing those few details with us. Based on the information you’ve entered, we estimate over a monthly period that you could expect a saving of:

Please note these figures are a rough approximation of the savings you may receive from using Solar energy and should not be taken literally.
What exactly is solar?
Solar power technology utilises solar PV (Photovoltaics) cells or solar PV panels to effectively convert sunlight into renewable energy.

Solar panels use layers of special materials called semi-conductors that create electricity when exposed to sufficient light. It is an alternative energy source that does not harm the environment.
What can it be used for around my home?
The energy that is converted by the solar panels can be used to power your household devices and appliances just as if the grid was supplying the energy.

By installing solar your home’s dependence on the grid for electricity is lessened as you are drawing energy from the solar panels first to power your home, as opposed to the grid.
Am I really missing out by not having solar installed?
The short answer is most likely yes. Solar power will reduce your electricity bills through reducing the amount of power you buy from the grid. In addition, “feed-in tariffs” are a reimbursement that can be received for the extra power your solar power generates that feeds into the grid.

The amount of electricity you save will depend upon a range of factors; the size of the system, whether the system has been installed in the optimal location and your individual electricity usage.
Is mains electricity still needed?
Solar systems produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight, at other times another source, such as mains electricity or a generator, will be required. When there is no sunlight, less energy is produced, so if necessary electricity is drawn from another source, such as the grid.

Also coming soon, battery backup solar systems will heavily reduce your power bill.
What happens with my solar during the winter or on cloudy days?
Even on cloudy days solar energy is still being generated, even if the energy production is decreased. In the event of a significant energy production decrease, the grid will power your household.

The coolness of a climate does not reduce the power production of your solar system, as the system relies on light as opposed to heat to generate power.

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