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Israel Vogel
Owner/ Director

In 2005, Israel started his electrical apprenticeship, after quickly discovering that he wasn’t suited to the university lecture theatre. With great and varied experience as an Electrician over the years, Israel discovered his passion for Solar PV and renewable energies. It is this passion that led Israel to leave employment in April of 2012 to start his business. Enjoying and taking pride in every stage of the customer lifecycle; from meeting valued customers, through to installing their Solar systems, and maintaining these relationships with unending support and communication.

Israel has led and grown the company with a vision for sustainable energy, utilising practical systems, experience and wisdom, as well as determination to see his customers receive more than they expect. He is a total coffee and donut enthusiast, and if he had it his way would go four-wheel driving every weekend! Israel looks forward to coming home at the end of each day to play with his son, Josiah and pull him around on his toy digger.

Above all in business, Israel strives to deliver service with a personal touch that is unique to the typical trade industry culture.
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Rebekah Vogel

Rebekah works in the home office, booking in customers, overseeing the calendar and ensuring the paperwork is in order. When she is not working through her to-do list, she enjoys every second of her role as stay at home mum to baby Josiah. This role involves a lot of watching Playschool, attending mother’s group and play dates with Josiah’s friends and other mums in the local area.

In her spare time, you’ll find Rebekah at a Pilates or Pump class at the local gym, or at home watching The Mentalist. Rebekah has a background in Social Science and Family Counselling. She is passionate about helping people help themselves through education and personal relationship development. She and Israel have been married since 2010.
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Clodie West
Administration Assistant

Clodie has worked in the electrical industry since 2009 and being Israel's older sister, she enjoys working as part of the family business. Her experience with numbers and compliance adds significant weight to Clodie's contribution to the team.
When Clodie is not monitoring accounts, she is fulfilling her role as mother to two sons. This role involves a lot of football and refereeing of everyday issues as she helps the boys navigate their way through life. When time permits, Clodie enjoys spending time with her extended family and socialising with friends. She likes cooking a yummy meal and enjoying it with a nice wine; or getting out on the dam and boating.

If you need a personal recommendation for your solar installation, just ask Clodie. She and her family have been enjoying the many benefits of their own solar system, which was installed by Vogel Solar in 2013. Clodie's household cannot speak highly enough of the positive change.
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Alex Minichiello

Alex brings a great history of experience to the Vogel Solar & Electrical team. Alex’s experience extends from working on commercial scale electrical construction projects, to wiring up the trains that travel on Queensland railways, and of course installing many Grid Connect Solar Power Systems across this great state. He and Israel have been good friends for years, so once the first opening for a highly skilled Electrical tradesperson was available at Vogel Solar & Electrical, it was only natural for Alex to be at the top of the list.

Alex enjoys both working and playing in the great outdoors, and is very actively involved in his local Cross Fit gym, not only keeping fit but also investing into the lives of others by coaching the smallest up and coming “Cross-fitters” from as young as 5 years old.
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David Vogel
Apprentice Electrician

David is also a direct family member at Vogel Solar & Electrical, being younger brother to Israel and Clodie (when we say “family business”, we mean family business). Whilst being 19 years of age at the beginning of his apprenticeship, David already had a good amount of experience after completing his traineeship in agriculture, whilst onsite at a beef cattle property in Central QLD.

David is youthful and determined, seeking experience outside of his day to day and growing to become an invaluable member of the team. Due to such traits, David is a very industrious and valuable resource on any work site. In his downtime, David enjoys playing guitar, getting out on the farm, spending time with friends, camping out under the stars and leading a good old “cook up” over an open fire.